Q: What is a "School Tuition Organization (STO)" and why is it important?

A: Almost all of the students at FCA attend with signficantly reduced tuition (Sometimes tuition is completely covered!) through School Tuition Organizations (STO's). FCA assists parents in working with several organizations to help provide Tax Credit Scholarships to students at FCA. A list of the STO's with whom we work is on the next tab labeled "Tax Credit Scholarships".

Q: Are there any other sources of financial aid for students outside of STO's?

A: Yes. If your child meets certain criteria set by the state of Arizona, then you may qualify for an Empowerment Scholarship. Please contact the school office if you want to learn more about this program.

Q: Is there any direct financial assistance from Faith Christian Academy?

A: We offer some assistance in the form of discounts when multiple children from the same family are enrolled and when full tuition is paid in advance. In addition, FCA is able to set up a payment plan with your family if you desire.