SCHOOL Tuition Organizations

School Tuition Organizations (STOs) provide scholarships through the State of Arizona Tuition Tax Credit program.  All taxpayers who pay state income tax can redirect their tax money to support Faith Christian Academy and/or specific students enrolled at FCA.

FCA partners with the following Arizona School Tuition Organizations or STOs that provide scholarships for students attending Private Christian Schools.  Families are encouraged to apply to multiple places as more than one scholarship can be awarded.  

Please call the office at 520-883-4999  if you need assistance.

See below for our most common STO's and their links.   

  • Office: (520) 512-5438

    TO APPLYClick on the IBE logo above.

  • Office:  (480) 820-0403


    TO APPLY: Click on the ACSTO logo above.

  • Office:  (520) 322-0966

    TO APPLY: contact the FCA school office at 520.883.4999 or contact Lucina Irizarry:

  • Office:  (888) 707-2465

    TO APPLY: Click on the AAA logo above or contact the school office for assistance.  

    As of the 2023-2024 school year, AAA scholarships may be combined with scholarships from other STOs.

  • Office:  (623) 414-3429

    ASCT has an application window from January 15 to April 30 and there is an application fee.

    ASCT does NOT accept contributions recommending a specific student. 


    TO APPLY: Click on the ASCT logo above.

  • Office: (602) 698-8855


    STO4KIDZ accepts applications from April 15th and June 1st, as well as November 1st through December 1st.

    TO APPLY:  Click on the STO4KIDZ logo above.

  • Office: (602) 525-7355

    Applications for the next school year are accepted from Mid April to Mid June.

    TO Apply: Click on the Arizona Leadership Foundation logo above.

  • Office (480) 414-8677

    Applications for the next school year open in early May.

    TO APPLY:  Click on the T.O.P.S logo above

  • Office: (520) 456-4961

    TO APPLY: Click on the CCSTO logo above.

  • Office: (480) 409-4106

    TO APPLY: Click on the ATC logo above.

  • Office: (480) 478-0624

    TO APPLY: Click on the AZ4Education logo above then

    create an account on the member login page.