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Tuition, Fees, and discounts

Paying for private Christian education can seem intimidating. But it is worth the sacrifice, since the experience of God-centered training is vital to the spiritual, academic, and social well-being of students. FCA is here to help you make quality Christian education affordable for your family! Click the button for some answers to frequently asked questions. 

Remember, your tuition may be substantially reduced by making use of the resources available to your family. 

Enrollment FEes

All enrollment fees are due before a student can begin school.

Returning Student Application Fee:

  • By June 02, 2022: $100
  • After June 02, 2022: $200

     Tuition Deposit:

  • By August 04, 2022: $400

New Student Application Fee:

  • By August 04, 2022 :  $200

     Tuition Deposit:

  • By August 04, 2022: $400


Tuition cost is based on an annual rate and is billed in ten (10) monthly payments beginning in August 2022. 

  • Middle school: $7,500
  • High school:  $8,000


  • Art fee: $40 (for enrolled art students)
  • Testing fee: $50


  • Paid-In-Full Discount: A 2% discount will be given when an annual tuition is paid in full ahead of time (deadline varies year to year, but is usually early in the month of August). 
  • Family Service Time: Families may volunteer at the school for a discount of up to $25 per month per student in the tuition rate. Please see the Handbook for details or contact the school office.